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Understanding and managing a property portfolio

In order to bring a sense of order and control around the built environment, organisations with property assets will need to decide how things are managed; how to keep on top of compliance and risk, what assets to keep and what to dispose of, and how it’s going to manage its assets going forward.

In order to understand where you are with managing your property, here are some starter questions:

  • How does your organisation view its property portfolio, purely in terms of bricks and mortar?
  • Does your organisation’s built assets support your core business?
  • Would a greater understanding of your estate give your organisation valuable business opportunities?
  • Would transforming the structure and culture of your estates and facilities team provide greater assurance and opportunities for innovation?

ESG has a wealth of experience and expertise in terms of organisational development, portfolio management and facilities services.

View the different areas in which we can support your business and estate strategy below.

Supporting these key services is an innovative diagnostic process used to analyse and assess essential data, getting to the core of the issues impeding performance and those that present both moderate and serious risk. See our Diagnostics page here.

Titles and deeds, land interests

Clarity around freehold titles, leases including break clauses and end dates, potential neighbour disputes and new opportunities.

Risk management

Identifying, quantifying, minimising or removing risk and producing a risk matrix analysis within a portfolio.

Condition survey backlog maintenance

Understanding what state your buildings are in and creating a plan to upgrade or dispose.

Space utilisation

Ensuring every space is optimally used, saving money on wasted space and meeting your needs.


Supporting policy management through effective maintaining of policies and procedures and effective communication.

Sustainability programme

Helping organisations manage their energy requirements, carbon footprint and waste efficiently with innovative solutions.

Compliance metrics

Creating metrics that give a clear indication of all statutory compliance affecting your portfolio.

Capital planning inc. disposals

Assessing, advising and helping to implement a process that ensures the best investments are made.

Planned preventive maintenance

Creating a programme, schedule and implementation plan, for essential and non essential maintenance.

Human resources

Assessing the existing structure and teams, producing skills gap analysis and managing team transformation.

Reactive maintenance

Examining the processes that respond to failed, or damaged equipment that impact on service delivery.

Financial planning

Assessing how the budget is allocated, governed and aligned with demand, to give best value.

Contracts register

Assessing contracts and financial commitments with suppliers to ensure compliance and cost effectiveness.

Quality audit system

Clarifying how the quality system is used to add value to managing the estate.


Our risk based diagnostic tools BEACON© and BEACON2© help to assess whether a portfolio is fit for purpose, is compliant and meets health and safety requirements. Read more about this core service here.

The Brite Check

ESG Brite Check is a web-based tool designed to create a high-quality feasibility assessment for renewable energy technologies.

Read more about this core service here.


A tool to gather real-time data and integrate with existing building systems. Using our new tool, the ESG Antennae, to collect smart information and to complement best possible indoor work environment.

Read more about this core service here.

Our approach

It’s our job to give our clients an unobstructed view of their property portfolio, and help to define a clear way forward, in a direction that has purpose.

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