Estate Strategy Group

We are ESG

Estate Strategy Group is a leading property and construction consultancy. We are proud to deliver transformational projects across the UK.

Estate Strategy

Optimise your estates full potential using our wealth of industry knowledge and experience.

BEACON® Assessment

Gauge the present condition and performance of your estate using our compliance-based assessment tool.

Brite Check©

Identify opportunities to save money and resources with onsite renewable energy.

Client Representation

Working as your informed client, providing assistance and support, we become part of your team to help you achieve your strategy and deliver your estate plans.

Project Management

Within the estate strategy, our highly skilled project management team manages specific packets of work on behalf of the client.

Property Surveyors

Our surveyors provide space planning and estate management (reviewing leases and licences) enabling rationalisation and efficient use of your estate.

Benchmark Assessment

When outsourcing or insourcing, the client wants to ensure good service. Our benchmarking process measures service delivery against industry standards.

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