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We are Estate Strategy Group

As estates and facilities specialist consultants, we like making things better. We work with organisations to review how well their assets are supporting their corporate objectives and make informed recommendations on how they can utilise their property portfolios more effectively.

It’s all about maintaining a line of sight

Understanding your business

Before we make any recommendations, we work with clients to better understand their business and what it is the company is setting out to achieve. We maintain this line of sight and make sure the property decisions we make with our clients reflect what is best for the business.

Providing a clear, unobstructed view of what’s really going on

Understanding property can be overwhelming. ESG assess the situation with a fresh set of eyes, get to the core of the matter and bring order to managing property. We give clients an unobstructed view of their properties and how they’re currently working for them. Our experts help define a clear way forward, a line to take and a direction that has purpose.

With exceptionally high standards, we get the job done

Our experience in this sector means we also work with clients to implement these informed solutions. Property needs to be managed properly and as specialists, we take a planned approach, making it happen the right way.

Gain control and maintain your strategy

ESG work with clients to understand their operations and seamlessly integrate with their business. It’s not about rocking the boat, dramatically changing an organisations current portfolio or its processes. We help clients regain control of their business assets, support and reassure them in making calculated risks and give them sight of the opportunities.

What we do

ESG specialise in organisational development and portfolio and facilities management. Learn more about our core services here.

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