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The Covid-19 pandemic has made billions of people incredibly nervous about being in confined spaces alongside other people. People have understandable grounds for demonstrating such acute fear. There is little wonder people are nervous about visiting the gym, hair salon, the dentist, opticians, retail shops & restaurants.

A quick search on YouTube reveals videos from the UK Government, the NHS, The World Health Organisation and a significant number of articles from respected scientists and experts. They all confirm that the primary way Covid-19 virus spreads is through what is known as aerosol – i.e. tiny drops of vapour that us human being’s breathe out.

Within indoor spaces, these vapour droplets float up to form invisible clouds in the air. If the droplets are infected with Covid-19, there is a strong chance the virus will spread to anyone who breathes in the infected air.
This aerosol spread has been responsible for hundreds of millions of people contracting Covid-19 and other types of viruses. We all know the result of this. Sadly this has seen millions of deaths, a devastating effect on families and crippling consequences for millions of businesses and dozens of economies around the world.

Clean Your Air offers:

  • Air quality risk assessments
  • Air quality training
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Air filtration systems

Clean Your Air is a founder member of APTA – The Air Purification Trade Association

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