Get Me Out of Here!

estate strategy group - case study


A mix of experienced business and medical professionals, working in housing accommodation with impending expansion of the team, needed to relocate to suitable premises urgently.


  • Urgency
  • Proximity to customers
  • Access for staff and visitors
  • Affordability
  • Short term lease required
  • New staff joining imminently and at monthly intervals
  • Existing premises wholly inadequate
  • Dynamic feel to new layout (“if you offer me traditional I’ll reject it”)
  • Different practices


We provided ‘serious listening’ to fully understand their requirements and quickly learned this assignment was about organisational change in addition to relocating. From this initial work, we were able to formulate a workable specification that shaped the necessary stages, and then together with the client, project managed their vision to an operating reality, involving:

  • Shortlisting and recommending suitable premises
  • Negotiating optimum terms
  • Bringing all necessary contractors to the starting blocks (time was critical to meet the time frame)
  • Innovative design layout, fittings and facilities
  • Effective communication, and tools to aid changes to working practice


“Dear David and Mark

It does seem a very long time since we stood in the cold in Fulbourn. From the beginning you have offered sound and sensible advice and reflected back ideas. As a result, we managed a move from inadequate accommodation to an excellent new site which ticks all the boxes. Parking is such a premium in Cambridge and we are very fortunate indeed with the new site.

Thank you especially David, for your expert guidance also with the layout and fittings. Although more protracted than perhaps ideal (not down to you), the move into the new office was achieved in remarkably quick time. Thank you too, for keeping the wheels turning and lines of communication open which has ensured good relations maintained.

Needless to say, the staff are already working up a new layout. This was inevitable – but notwithstanding it is overall only going to be a modest change. Significantly everyone has a voice this time. And this was not in our gift at the time.

Thank you so much – I am pleased we had the opportunity to work together and I have enjoyed the project.”

– Corporate Director