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ESG Brite Check

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Could you be saving money and resources with renewable energy? Has your organisation declared a climate emergency? Assess the feasibility of benefiting from renewable technologies within your estate portfolio using our cost-effective web-based platform.

Detailed summary

Brite Check is a web-based tool that can quickly assess the feasibility of installing renewable energy technologies on a building or site. Our product comprehensively models potential energy, cost and carbon savings of each technology and the capital investment required. This is achieved using easily obtained energy and building data without using costly or time-consuming on-site surveys.

Brite Check, created by accountants, engineers and energy managers, enables comprehensive reporting output, both technically and financially. After completing the assessment, we present our client with the findings. These findings are shown in two formats; a detailed technical appendix and a summarised executive report. The available technologies are ranked by feasibility and calculate the savings potential for the future. Estate Strategy Group has partnered with the NHS to assess a number of hospitals using the Brite Check platform to identify potential opportunities to install renewable energy technologies.

Ground PV

Ground PV

Roof Mounted PV

Roof PV

Wind Turbines


Ground Source Heat Pump

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Battery Storage

Battery Storage



It was very simple to use ESG’s Brite Check, a hassle-free process that, particularly if there is a need to assess multiple buildings, quickly orders project options in order of best return and fit to strategy.

Richard Hilson, Head of Sustainability, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust

Where you are now

Volume, Timing and Total Cost of current usage by type, e.g, electric, heat

Where you could be

Avoidable costs by using renewable energy tech

Comprehensive Report

Reliable and specific report for non-energy professionals
EMA Winner 2017
UK Energy 2017 Finalist
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The Institute of Chartered Accounts of Scotland

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