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BEACON® Assessment

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BEACON Assessment


Providing a manageable and holistic view of the condition and performance of your entire estate. Compliance-based assessment with detailed and actionable insight and traffic light management dashboards.

A risk based
diagnostic tool

A quick and effective assessment of business critical areas to determine status, performance and compliance.

Concise traffic light reporting

These provide a clear line of sight to deliver the right outcomes for an organisation.


Easy to use, this simple tool offers concise and effective measurement of key areas.

Detailed summary

Our risk based diagnostic tool, the BEACON® Assessment, helps to assess whether a portfolio is fit for purpose, is compliant and meets health and safety requirements.

Our unique and effective assessment tool measures business critical areas, with concise traffic light reporting, to provide a clear line of sight to deliver the best outcomes for your organisation.

The BEACON® Assessment tool carries out an incisive assessment of any portfolio, providing a ‘real time’ evidence based assessment of the estates and facilities portfolio.

Experience has shown that there are only a limited number of criteria that need to be assessed to tell whether a portfolio is efficient, compliant, safe and could operate less expensively.

This is not a complex CAFM system and is carried out by experts who fully understand what ‘good’ looks like in the property arena. Once completed, the resulting dashboard provides a template for any future remediation works, savings and efficiency initiatives, and compliance management.

BEACON Case Study

Aintree and Royal Liverpool NHS Trusts estates and facilities assessment

The Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust, two major acute hospitals, wanted to explore the possibility of merging in order to provide a full multi-professional approach and improved outcomes for the North Mersey population. By merging the fractured hospital model, it would eliminate the increased costs and inefficiencies due to duplication and overlaps in services and promote optimal outcomes for patients.

Effectively merging two NHS Trusts is no small feat and in order to successfully deliver a new vision for clinical services, the Liverpool NHS Trust needed to assess the current state of their estates and facilities to understand areas for either improvement or sustainment. There are many issues that face a trust going through a large merger, however, effectively carrying it out starts and ends with an effective estate strategy. As estates and facilities consultants, we utilized our expertise to pinpoint where problems lied and bring the Liverpool NHS trust to an ideal spot.

At the forefront of our support was the aptitude to carry out a Beacon Assessment ®. This assessment looked at 16 specific areas of both hard and soft facilities management in order to gauge the present condition of the estate. The evaluation assessed areas of risk, analyzed compliance metrics, looked into the financial and capital structure, and uncovered savings opportunities. After a series of meetings with managers, each of whom were responsible for the key 16 areas, we produced reports based on the information gathered. This included a RAG report, which pinned down the overall status of the project and incorporated key insights on current policies and contract management.

Once completed a dashboard and audit report is produced as part of the Beacon Assessment®.  The dashboard shows areas of compliance and failure on a RAG rating, the areas requiring improvement are highlighted amber.  The audit report was sent to the management team for a management response to give opportunity to validate the work correcting errors or omissions.  A full presentation was then made to the Director and senior managers to go through the outcomes and discuss opportunities for improvement and ­to present an implementation programme.

Paul Fitzpatrick, the Director, said that he saw the Beacon Assessment® as “gold dust” in terms of the information it provided and the ability to create long term plans.  The Beacon Assessment® in Paul’s words, can be used as an aide to the Premises Assurance Model and Model Hospital information and is seen to be non-confrontational. It is intended as a method of constructively assessing where improvement can be made and can be used by operational managers and Heads of Estates and Facilities to give an independent insight into their work and to support them when presenting requests for change to their Directors.


Explainer Diagram


  • Human Resources
  • Contacts Register
  • Reactive Maintenance
  • Capital Planning
  • Condition surveys, backlog maintenance
  • compliance metrics
  • Sustainability programme
  • Risk management
  • PPM
  • Financial planning
  • Quality assurance system
  • Policies
  • Space utilisation
  • Titles, deeds, land interests


  • Utilities
  • Space management
  • Cash management
  • Churn
  • Policies
  • Document management
  • Waste management
  • Catering
  • Cleaning
  • External services
  • Car parking
  • Transport
  • Security

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