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What We Do - Estate Strategy Group

As a part of your team, we want to help you achieve the best for your estates and facilities.

We can help you:
  • Identify unknown problems
  • Develop strategies to fix them
  • Achieve greater sustainability
  • Continue on your route to become the best

Estates and Facilities Consultancy

Complete estate strategy and management consultancy, including client representation, programme and project management, surveying, estate audits, coordination of hard and soft facilities management services, and compliance and safety advice and support.

BEACON® Assessment

Providing a manageable and holistic view of the condition and performance of your entire estate. Compliance-based assessment with detailed and actionable insight and traffic light management dashboards.

What we do

Estate Strategy Group specialise in organisational development and portfolio and facilities management. Learn more about our core services from here.

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To learn more about our services give our team a call. We look forward to hearing about your business and how we can support your estate strategy needs.